VENDORS Spring 2019
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LA Crystal Energies, Peter Jarvis                
Peter will be showing an extensive collection of crystals and metaphysical tools. His current specialty is a
group of crystals he calls "Synergy 5." In synergy, these 5 crystals will aid in the planets ascension while
assisting our individual 5D experience. The synergy creates a vortex of healing energy that harmonizes
with our bio-energetic frequency on a multidimensional level.

Faerie Hair Sparkles
Celia will inspire your curiosity for the Faerie Realm.  View her amazing photos, sit in the beautifully inspired fairy
chair to take selfies and have fun faerie tinsel threaded in your hair for a nominal fee.  Opening your heart to
these magical elementals may raise your vibrations, lifting your playful spirit to honor the beauty in nature.

American Eagle Crystals John Logan
John carries an extensive array of marvelous rocks, minerals, and crystals and you will
find him in his usual spot in the sunshine in the front corner of the lawn.  This time he
has a supply of deeply colored amethyst that you won't want to miss!

Dragonfly Aromatic Oils, Ellie Corda
Certified Aromatherapist Ellie Corda, makes artisan soaps, essential oil blends,
and body products without paraben pthalaes or synthetic chemicals.

Virginia's Therapeutic Gemstone Jewelry, Virginia Mosley
Ginny joins us for the first time with all her jewelry creations.  She makes lovely necklaces,
bracelets and earrings from a variety of materials.  In addition she will be offering 15 minute
sessions in
Healing Hands, the energy work she became certified in here at the Circle of
Intention.  She's a whiz!  Stop by and experience this wonderful work.

Joe Werfelman Enterprises, Joe Werfelman
Joe has New Age books at half price and new and gently used compact discs, white sage, Birthday Number
bookmarks,carded Angels.  Goddess,Fairy and Wiccan pendants along with assorted gift items.
Joe also has a large selection of vintage records and albums.

Wonderful World of Crystals, Adriene Gammal
Adrienne is a crystal healer.  Stop by to see her selection of crystals and gemstones,
pocket stones, wands, clusters, angels, and jewelry.  She also has shamanic rattles,
feathers and sprays.  She is offering a FREE Crystal Consultation for healing.

From Bonnie's Kitchen, Bonnie O'Fee    
Bonnie has been making Colloidal Silver for 25 years.  She also
make organic and wild-crafted creams and potions.  She's the
queen of our kitchen, so see her booth outside and sample some
treats inside.

Dimensions Reiki, Jeffrey Carpenter
Dimensions Reiki provides Reiki energy Therapy to people and their pets as well
as Reiki classes and attunements for new and developing Reiki practitioners.  
Jeff's book,
Discovering Intention: A Sensitive's Guide to the Engineering Mind,
will also be available. Stop by and chat!

Lynn Cote Designs, Lynn
Lynn offers handmade yoga mat bags, lavender eye bags, buckwheat hot/cold packs as
well as other yoga accessories.  

Wear At Your Own Wrist, Pauline Conrad
Pauline makes Holistic jewelry to raise the vibration of your body to match that of
the gemstones, all to aid in your healing journey.   She also takes beautiful photographs,
some of which are multi-dimensional, all of which are multi-faceted, which she will have
for sale under the name
Heaven's Balance.

BrittenWorks, Laney Britten
Assorted handcrafted pottery made from stoneware clay and fired with food safe glazes. Some items included
are rattles, oracle card trays, flower of life trays and chakra incense burners. Our studio is based within a private
woodlands forest on a ridge in Hunterdon County where we offer occasional workshops.  

Balancing the Body with Vibration, Dr. Tony
Dr. Tony will be balancing the body with vibration in short sessions for his clients.  His new work
is rumored to be astonishing.  Stop by his busy corner for amazing information.

Abundant Health Chiropractic, LLC, Dr. Kelly Pflug
Dr. Kelly will be offering a complimentary health evaluation, which should be fun and informative.  
With her practice located in Clinton, Dr. Kelly uses very gentle techniques which are very specific
to your  health concerns.

Steingas Stories, Barbara Steingas   ** Saturday Only**
Through the process of documenting her own journey of transformation in her books,
Barbara has emerged as a gifted coach for others looking to make positive change in
their lives.  Stop by for a Reiki Chakra Attunement and more information, as well as books.

HempWorx, Bill Smith
Hempworx CBD oil is a 100% organic, non-gmo, USA grown, FDA regulated, full spectrum CBD oil.  CBD Oil is a
natural therapeutic dietary supplement (no THC) which helps to reduce pain and inflammation and improves
anxiety and autoimmune issues.

Healing Sound Experience, Angelo Rizzo      **Sunday Only**
Angelo has vibrational sound healing products including tuning forks, polarizers, e-force pendants, Tibetan
bowls, mediations CDs, healing DVDs, wind chimes, cymatics CDs and books on sound healing.

Harvest Dreams Healing, Mary Beth Spitz
Mary Beth is a Shamanic Healer.  She uses Shamanic Healing energy to connect to Universal Healing
energy to help you on your personal journey of healing, harvesting your dreams through conscious intent.

Skydin Zeal, himself
Skydin is a visionary artist, designer and jeweler who brings his psychic abilities to bear in all that he does.  His
empowering crystal jewelry leads the wearer on a journey of transformation.  His scarves and artwork are soul-
expanding.  Take a look!

Red Tail Energetics, Karen Adamo
Karen has many facets to her work.  Come explore: EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE: An Energy Healing Modality that
finds and corrects imbalances in 9 different energy systems (Meridians, Aura, Chakras, Triple Warmer, 5
Rhythms, Radiant Circuits, Electrics, Celtic Weave, Grid) and SOUND MEDITATION: Quiets the mind and
promotes deep meditation and healing.

Hand Crafted by Barry and more by Ray Clark, Barry Wennagel & Ray Clark
Barry hand crafts pens, pencils, letter openers, bracelet holders, phone styluses, perfume applicators and pill
holders. Made from local wood, exotic woods from Asia, Africa and South America, as well as Marble celluloid.
RAY CLARK crafts home grown, hand made bamboo walking sticks adorned with various unique decorations
ranging from leather pouches to crystals.  For the rock collectors there will be rocks (not crystals) to purchase
from all over the world.  

Beautiful Tibet Inc.,  Ancy Choden
All things Tibet, scarves, hand crafted jewelry, bronze singing bowls, incense and so much more. Beautiful Tibet
is a company owned by a Tibetan family. Each product is personally handpicked from the best of Tibetan, Indian
and Nepalese handmade artifacts, from rural and tribal artisans living as refugees in India and Nepal.

Earth and Beyond Crystal Therapy, LLC, Lisa Glanzel
Lisa will have available for purchase artwork called Energetic Emergence (TM) that contains the energy
frequencies encompassing color, sound, crystal, elementals and a high vibration, that can be used in multi levels
of healing. The frequency patterns to the energy, needed for each individual.  She will also offer crystal intention
sets, chakra inspiration oracle cards, and her book "365 Days of Affirmations for Divine Abundance".

Your CBD Store in Clinton, Christi Radcliffe
Christi offers 100% organic and lab tested CBD oil containing no THC to use either orally or topically.  Gummies
are available and don't forget your pet can benefit too, helping with a large variety of conditions.

Sarah Marie Art Studio, Sarah M Scafidi   **Saturday Only**
Sarah Scafidi is a self taught artist who began experimenting with paints, markers, clay, fabric, ink and digital
art.  Sarah will be offering her one-of-a-kind sea glass art work as well as crystal and fairy jewelry.

Super 7 Healers, Rev. Rosiemarie Stars
Rev. Rosemarie Stars is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister who offers pain relieving oils, jewelry and resin art
which help to ground and clear your energy field, uplift spirits, overcome anxiety and feel more balanced. The
resin energy pieces smooth discordant energies and improve flow which helps calm frayed nerves, anxiety, fear
and depression. Rev Rosie's "diabolical plot to change the world" is to help people shift up so they positively
affect others and manifest what they desire most.

Designed by Polly
Polly makes beautiful jewelry of semi-precious stones, crystals and glass using sterling clasps
and components.  She also makes Sun Catchers and Chakra Sun Catchers.  

Aerial Yoga by Earth and Sky Yoga, Michele Mizeski
Michele's approach to Yoga is inspired by balance and the elements found in nature. Drawing from multiple
schools of philosophies, Earth and Sky Yoga provides an eclectic mix of practices promoting balance and well-
being, including the only local classes in aerial yoga.  

Crystals in Copper, Joan Buonafide-Czirbik
Hand crafted jewelry from natural gemstones and natural copper.
Many of the pieces will fit your metaphysical needs while providing you with a beautiful accessory.

Sage Vibration, Jack Dee
Sage vibration is your soul pantry. We have a large selection of handmade shamans tools, some of which are
smudge fans, rattles, spell wands, healing bracelets, artisan smudging kits and vibration kits and palo santo.

New Moon Healing, Siobain O'Donnell    ***Saturday Only***
REIKI treatments, learn about the healing energy of Munay Ki.  I will have  incense, pendulums, hand dressed
candles for healing and cleansing products.

Clinical Hynotherapy of New Jersey, Tori Valspirit
Clinical Hypnosis is a process that facilitates access to your internal resources to assist you with achieving your
goals.  Such as: solving problems, performance, increasing motivation, and altering your behavior patterns to
create positive change.            

Hamsa - Perfume of Peace, Venetia Weeks
Hamsa is an exquisitely pleasing scent, carefully crafted with sacred oils from cultures and faiths around the
world. The fragrance is packaged in a beautiful bottle adorned with the powerful and ancient symbol of the
Hamsa, which provides protection from evil and promotes peace and prosperity.

Branch and Stone, Gary Sweeney
Gary makes beautifully handcrafted, wire wrapped stone pendants portraying the Norse Tree of Life, Yggdrasil.  
Every brand and stone is a one of a kind creation.

Deb G Designs, Debbie Graul
fb: Deb G Designs
Debbie creates dream catchers as she was taught by Native Americans, jewelry, paintings,
smudge fans and aquatic hanging gardens.  Check out her wares inside the Community Center.

Feel Good Ayurveda, Margaret Sarmiento
Margaret is an advanced Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Institute trained practitioner and Spiritual Lifestyle
Coach who’s passionate about spreading the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. She guides Yogis to reveal their
inner truth by establishing daily self care routines customized to their unique mind-body type.  She specializes in
Ayuryoga, a classical style yoga practice focused on balancing the doshas and also feminine health, aligning
women with their natural biorhythms.  

Touch and Heal Therapy, Neelam Sethi       
At Touch N Heal, you will find easy to use tools and products created to help manage pain and other
health concerns. Ayurvedic Reflexology therapies are also available for various ailments or to promote
good health and well-being in general.

Guatalife, Isabel Fortoul
Isabel specializes in Ancient Wellness and magical beauty Secrets.  Stop by and see
her amazing products, including the Cell Shield, which blocks EMF transmissions.

Symphony Healing, Kerry Persad
Kerry Persad is an intuitive healer with a background in homeopathy and is certified Innerwise Healing Coach.  
Innerwise is an healing system that utilizes healing cards that access the frequencies of homeopathic remedies,
plants, crystals, bach flower essences, archangels, sacred sites, and more to detect imbalances and blockages
and restore harmony, balance and flow to the energy field.  Kerry works with individuals, animals, systems such
as relationships and businesses, and does space clearing using Innerwise and her intuitive guidance.

Sew What's New
, Tracy Karpowicz
Tracey sews fine draperies for a living and eclectic fashion and home accessories for fun!  She makes lovely
small bags for your essentials and lots of other enchanting and functional items for your life and home, all with a
charming mix of the best materials, crafted with love and care. She has several sizes of handbags and whimsical
earrings made from excess decorator trimmings.