VENDORS Fall 2017
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Circle of Intention School of Intuitive Sciences, Christina Lynn Whited
The Circle of Intention School of Intuitive Sciences specializes in metaphysical classes to
enhance each person’s innate intuitive abilities.  Private consultations in Soul Path Clearance
are available from Christina, energetically clearing blocks and trauma from the spiritual path,
as well as Unconscious Scripts Release, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Spiritual Detox, Energetic Transformation,
Angel Card Readings,intuitive guidance, weddings, baptisms, memorial services, and more.

Church of All Creation, Rev. Christina Lynn Whited
The Church of All Creation is a non-denominational community of people seeking to connect
more fully with their innate Divinity.  See our exhibit of extraordinary inter-dimensional photos.

LA Crystal Energies, Peter Jarvis                
Peter will be showing an extensive collection of crystals and metaphysical tools. His current specialty is a
group of crystals he calls "Synergy 5." In synergy, these 5 crystals will aid in the planets ascension while
assisting our individual 5D experience. The synergy creates a vortex of healing energy that harmonizes
with our bio-energetic frequency on a multidimensional level.

Designed by Polly
Polly makes beautiful jewelry of semi-precious stones, crystals and glass using sterling clasps
and components.  She also makes Sun Catchers and Chakra Sun Catchers.  

American Eagle Crystals John Logan
John carries an extensive array of marvelous rocks, minerals, and crystals and you will
find him in his usual spot in the sunshine in the front corner of the lawn.  This time he
has a supply of deeply colored amethyst that you won't want to miss!

Dian’s Wellness Simplified, Dian Freeman
It is our intent to guide others towards a new "norm" in healthcare and to mentor them as
long as needed.  The human body was designed to repair itself and given the right natural
tools it can do so, even under today's adverse conditions.  Dian offer classes to become a
Certified Nutritionist and new classes begin in October.

Virginia's Therapeutic Gemstone Jewelry, Virginia Mosley
Ginny joins us for the first time with all her jewelry creations.  She makes lovely necklaces,
bracelets and earrings from a variety of materials.  In addition she will be offering 15 minute
sessions in
Healing Hands, the energy work she became certified in here at the Circle of
Intention.  She's a whiz!  Stop by and experience this wonderful work.

Joe Werfelman Enterprises, Joe Werfelman
Joe has New Age books at half price and new and gently used compact discs,
white sage, Birthday Number bookmarks,carded Angels.  Goddess,Fairy and
Wiccan pendants along with assorted gift items.

Wonderful World of Crystals, Adriene Gammal
Adrienne is a crystal healer.  Stop by to see her selection of crystals and gemstones,
pocket stones, wands, clusters, angels, and jewelry.  She also has shamanic rattles,
feathers and sprays.  She is offering a FREE Crystal Consultation for healing.

Marconics 5th Dimensional Healing, Suzanne Werfelman
Suzanne will once again be offering the unique brand of higher dimensional,
no-touch healing that she practices.

Dragonfly Aromatic Oils, Ellie Corda
Certified Aromatherapist Ellie Corda, makes artisan soaps, essential oil blends,
and body products without paraben pthalaes or synthetic chemicals.

From Bonnie's Kitchen, Bonnie O'Fee    
Bonnie has been making Colloidal Silver for 25 years.  She also
make organic and wild-crafted creams and potions.  She's the
queen of our kitchen, so see her booth outside and sample some
treats inside.

Dimensions Reiki, Jeffrey Carpenter
Dimensions Reiki provides Reiki energy Therapy to people and their pets as well
as Reiki classes and attunements for new and developing Reiki practitioners.  
Jeff's book,
Discovering Intention: A Sensitive's Guide to the Engineering Mind,
will also be available. Stop by and chat!

Lynn Cote Designs, Lynn
Lynn offers handmade yoga mat bags, lavender eye bags, buckwheat hot/cold packs as
well as other yoga accessories.  

Cheryl Matsen-Nieves, Author of The Journey Beyond Book Series
Cheryl writes imaginative and inspirational children's books.  Stop by
and see what she has to offer for the young adventurers in your life.

Wear At Your Own Wrist, Pauline Conrad
Pauline makes Holistic jewelry to raise the vibration of your body to match that of
the gemstones, all to aid in your healing journey.   She also takes beautiful photographs,
some of which are multi-dimensional, all of which are multi-faceted, which she will have
for sale under the name
Heaven's Balance.

SummerHawk Wolf
SummerHawk will have her own healing tent in the yard this fall.  Stop by to get a powerful
healing session from her.  It's worth the time and effort to connect with her and her wonderful
abilities and guidance.

BrittenWorks, Laney & Peter Britten
Laney is offering printed astrological reports in either Sidereal or Tropical (Natal, Solar Return,
Relationship) as well as handmade jewelry, dreamcatchers, and progressive Vortex Art.  Peter makes
the most beautiful hand crocheted berets and hats and does marvelous leatherwork as well.

Balancing the Body with Vibration, Dr. Tony
Dr. Tony will be balancing the body with vibration in short sessions for his clients.  He also expects
to offer very potent ionic foot baths.  Stop by his busy corner for amazing information.

Angel-Cross Jewelry, Harriet C. Lockwood
Harriet's handmade jewelry is inspired by the Angels and by Spirit.  Her Angel Crosses
are her hallmark, and there are lots of other treasures as well. She works in silver, copper,
and bronze, and many of her pieces incorporate stones from Yuma, Arizona.

Touch and Heal Therapy, Neelam Sethi       
At Touch N Heal, you will find easy to use tools and products created to help manage pain and other
health concerns. Ayurvedic Reflexology therapies are also available for various ailments or to promote
good health and well-being in general.

Abundant Health Chiropractic, LLC, Dr. Kelly Pflug
Dr. Kelly will be offering a complimentary health evaluation, which should be fun and informative.  
With her practice located in Clinton, Dr. Kelly uses very gentle techniques which are very specific
to your  health concerns.

Guatalife, Isabel Fortoul
Isabel specializes in Ancient Wellness and magical beauty Secrets.  Stop by and see
her amazing products, including the Cell Shield.

Pure Energy (formerly Jason's Creations), Jason Leininger and Lianne Heteji
Jason is focuses on healing now more than ever, with pure energy.  We hope he will
have some of his orgone products in tow as well. Experience his Orgone Pyramid in our yard!

Anyi Healing Arts Center, Denise Saracco and Joshua Zoppi
Denise and Joshua offer Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, massage,Tarot, Mediumship, Shamanic Teaching
Programs, Reiki, Crystal Healing, House Blessings and more.

North Eastern Health Institute, Virangini Cindy Rounsaville
Virangini Cindy specializes in Holistic Animal Wellness and Healing utilizing Homeopathy, Reiki,
and other healing modalities.

HM Salt Lamps, Helene Muller
Helene offers many different types, shapes and sizes of the very beneficial Himalayan
salt lamps.  Salt lamps generate negative ions and improve air quality, not to mention
that they harmonize/vibrate with the elevated aura of the Himalayas.

Live AHA, Wendy Sosik
Live AHA offers jewelry, accessories, and workshops to support your daily mindfulness.
Available Services: Reiki, Mind /Body Coaching, Mindfulness Workshops. Stop by and
ask about her new book on meditation!

Good Vibrations, Heather Monroe
Good Vibrations is delighted to serve Reiki infused Vegan Juices.  Quench your thirst and raise your vibration
with their healthy and tasty juices.  Drink the rays!, Christina Lynn Whited
Christina's shop is a combination of all things mystical, whimsical and green.  As a leader
in the green movement ever since the inception of CoCo:Chenille in 1991, Christina
continues to recycle and reuse nearly everything she can get her hands on.  Stop by
to see what wonders have made it into her shop lately, including her Yoga Skirts and
one-of-a-kind Jackets from a variety of materials.

Mushroom Miracles, Gene Dillman
Medicinal mushroom superfood products in tea, coffee and formulas for wellness.
Ancient health remedies brought to you at today's pharmaceutical standards.

Gemstone Forest, Michael McLaughlin
Michael makes beautiful Tree of Life pendants.  Each finely crafted piece of jewelry has
crystals entwined among the branches and comes with an explanation of the attributes of the crystals.