Palm Reader - Saturday only -
sorry for the error in the announcement.
Cheryl will be doing Palm Readings. You know her from the lovely paranormal/fantasy books
that she has shown at the One Spirit Festival over the years.  This time you will be able to
gather insight from her deep connection to Spirit through her skills as a palm reader.

All Readings are 15 minutes for $35.  If you book in advance online - recommended - there is an
additional charge of $1.50 per Reading for the processing. To book a session, choose the time slot
you would like below and click on the
Add to Cart button for Paypal.  You need not have a Paypal
account, they will accept your credit card information.  

CALL Christina for RESERVATIONS if you are
unable to book online! 908-638-9066
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after 9 p.m.
Thank you!

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