READERS Spring 2018
Admission to the  Festival is $5
Be sure to "refresh" your browser 1st!
inventory of 1 per time slot, so there is typically no chance of a duplicate sale at the same
time.  If you wish to wait until the Festival, we will have our someone at the Reader Table to
help you in determining which Reader might best suit your needs.  You may also call Christina
in advance for guidance.  Her number is 908-638-9066.
Each 15 minute READING is $35 + $1.50 processing fee.

(Online is the only way you can use a CREDIT CARD.  At the Festival we will only take cash or
CALL Christina for RESERVATIONS if you are unable to book
online! 908-638-9066

Michael Zaikowski
Readings can be a combination of Tarot, Clairvoyance, direct channeling or
mediumship.  Once a reading has begun, any loved ones, spirit guides,
guardian angels, totem animals or past life references are welcome as
validation & support.  You are welcome to take notes or record your sessions.

Joanie Eisinger
Archangels, Ascended Masters, departed ones, angels, Star Beings, as well as
Joanie’s guide, Yeshua, may assist in providing information for you.  Identify
Divine purpose, name spirit guides, ask about your pet, connect with a loved
one, explore past lives, etc. Any question is on the table!

Brenda Ivey
Brenda works closely with the Angels.  In a session with her you may
ask your questions and experience what she calls the Grace Effect.  
She will hold your hands to connect with your spirit via your energy patterns,
much like Kinesiology.  Whatever comes to her is directed by Spirit and is
typically your soul's highest priority at the time of the reading.  Her connection is a
deep one and all those who experience her work are eager to come back for more.
(Brenda has no website - reach out to Christina to contact her.)

Nancy Lukas
(Many of you will remember Nancy as a vendor with lots of Oracle Decks and inspiring talks.)
Nancy is a talented card reader who has been reading tarot and oracle cards for more than
25 years. She lets the cards you choose set the stage to shape the story of what your higher
self and guides want you to know. She then channels masters and guides to impart messages
that will move you forward in practical and positive ways. In addition to her intuitive gifts as a
reader, Nancy is a trained therapist and life coach who enjoys combining all skill sets to
provide a well rounded approach to guiding you along your spiritual path.
You can find Nancy through the
Inspired Gems page on Face Book.