How to Prevent Drunk Driving? 

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In this article, we will be discussing some tips you need to remember to ensure that you won’t end up driving while you’re under the influence of alcohol. Here are the following tips you need to consider: 


Have a designated driver 

The best option to use would be letting a friend drive you home since it is free of charge, you will be safe, and you can still enjoy a couple of drinks. But only see to it that your friend won’t drink too much. The rule of thumb is to never ride with anyone who is under the influence of alcohol even when they claim that they are fine. The best thing to do is to discuss this matter with your trusted friend who can drive you home at the start of the night. Then, make sure that no one will pressure them to drink a lot to make sure that you’re safe.? 

Skip drinking 

You can be the driver for the day if you can stick to refuse from drinking. When you and your friends take turns being the driver on various nights, then you can drink on most occasions and ride home safe. After all, being occasionally sober at some night isn’t that bad. If you skip drinking, you won’t feel completely gross the next day and you can just laugh at all the happenings while your friends are drunk and enjoy the moment even more.? 

Take public transit 

Taking the bus home is way cheaper compared to taking UBER or a cab. Plus, it’s safer than driving your car while intoxicated.? 

Never drink with an empty stomach 

Studies show that alcohol can be absorbed by the body more slowly if you have a full stomach. On the contrary, drinking on an empty stomach will only cause your blood alcohol to spike up. When you are dehydrated or hungry, the booze directly will go into your bloodstream and will hit you harder and quicker. When you try eating a massive meal before you drink, you will not become drunk as quickly. Attempt to eat dense carbs, fats, and proteins for greater results.? 

Give your keys to someone you trust or just take a cab or UBER 

After you’ve been drinking, driving should never be an option to do. It would be best to take a cab to safely reach your house rather than being convicted of a DUI case. In case you get convicted with this case, make sure to contact one of the best?Fort Myers DUI lawyers. Or if you have a trustworthy company who don’t drink, you can give your car keys to them and let them take you home. See to it that they won’t return your keys until the next day. Any impact made to your balance, speech, or coordination indicates that your blood alcohol level could be sufficiently high to commit a DUI. The more unsteady you become and the worse the speech is, then you’ve probably reached more than .08 BAC. Running into and dropping things while you walk is a great sign that you’ve had too many drinks.? 


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